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About Us

Wholesome Cooking

Reel to Reel enjoys a reputation for delicious, good quality cooking made with wholesome, natural ingredients and no compromises. All meals are prepared on site, using the freshest primarily organic, free range and GM-free ingredients - so that the food is not only nutritious but tastes better too.

Meat and eggs are sourced from either local organic farms or selected British estates that offer specialized products. We use Aberdeen Angus dry aged beef, the sweetest Exmoor lamb, free range chickens from France and local Free Range Pork from pigs that have had happy lives. We use deep sea or organic, farm-raised fish which are free from chemicals and preservatives and bought fresh from Billingsgate. Fruit and vegetables are sourced from quality, trusted local suppliers.

Imaginative, delicious and nutritious vegetarian menus are prepared daily as a matter of course - we enjoy the fact that the lunch break is so eagerly anticipated every day.


Our mobile units mean we can travel anywhere any time, no matter how remote or how unusual the location.

We are essentially 'a restaurant on wheels' with fresh produce - prepared on site each day - as if to order. We do not use frozen or pre-prepared ingredients. As each day's menu is prepared on location, we will be on site hours before the crew arrive. Our day begins at 3am and continues throughout the shoot non-stop - we have a long-standing reputation as the hardest workers in the business! We pride ourselves in our dedication to cleanliness, hygiene and food safety, essential, given some of the strange locations we can find ourselves in. Our equipment and facilities are fully compliant with the latest food and hygiene legislation and staff rigorously follow its standards and procedures.

Reel to Reel appreciates and understands the producer's need to alleviate the strain of a hectic shooting schedule and we have professional, experienced staff who will be a calming influence on your more frenetic days. In our experience, meal times can and should set the day back on track!

We understand the need to feed the entire crew quickly and without fuss and ensure that your own daily production schedule is met, adapting our own timings to those of each individual shoot.

Your Crew and Clients

Years of experience have given us the 'edge' in anticipating the needs of different crews and providing everything possible within the budget. With more than 20 years in the industry we are likely to know the majority of your crew personally and have built up a relationship and level of trust that extends far beyond the food. These long term working relationships and the camaraderie we enjoy, helps to ensure maximum productivity from the entire crew. If we don't already know crew members we will make a point to get to know as many of them as possible. In that way, we are assured that everyone's needs are met.

Over the years we have worked with scores of the most high profile (and high maintenance!) clients and celebrities. We are used to ensuring that their own particular requirements are accommodated. As a catering company, finding ourselves in the unusual position of feeding celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay can bring its own challenges, but this is all part of a day's work for us. It is gratifying that Jamie Oliver personally asks for us on the commercials he is working on.

We believe that experience, quality and consistency are what make us stand out from the competition. Our professionally trained chefs understand the timing and complexity of location catering and we pride ourselves on being able to provide that little bit extra in order to ensure the productivity required of a crew. Reel to Reel are one less thing on the shoot you need to worry about...